The Jeevan Sanchay Co-operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.
Regd :- Under Delhi Co-operative Societies Act, 2003
(Founder: Sh. Anil Kumar Mathur)

The Jeevan Sanchay Co-operative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.

The Co-operative institution ensures upliftment of financially weak individuals who have meager resources. In a co-operative they can themselves promote their economic interest by self help and mutual help. The very purpose of co-operative, means to pool the resources of otherwise weaker sections and to make a suitable place for them in the society with dignity. The thrust is on earning profit, which is finally distributed equally amongst its members but ultimately profit is not the real motive of any co-operative.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, The Jeevan Sanchay Cooperative Urban Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. was started under Registration No 08/SW with barely two hundred members at the time of inception by Founder of the society Sh. Anil Kumar Mathur. There were many people associated with him namely Sh. M.L Suyal, Sh. Nityanand Aggarwal, Lt. Sh. Satish Kumar Kapoor, Lt. Sh. Subhash Chand Gupta, Sh. Shyam Lal Choudhary, Sh. Krishan Kumar, Lt. Sh. Rajender Kumar Aggarwal (first fixed depositor of the society) and Sh. Anil Khokhar (who maintained software of the society in beginning) and all other promoter members. The society was created to lend funds to its members for the promotion of their moral, educational and physical improvements and to encourage the spirit and practice of thrift, self help and mutual help with no profit motive among members. Special Thanks to Lt. Ms. Shakuntala Mathur mother of Sh. Anil Kumar Mathur, who formed this Cooperative Society to serve for Economic Development and Social Welfare of members, staff of the society and their children’s.

Currently society is being operated from D-90, Lajpat Nagar 1, New Delhi: 110024.

The Society disburses three types of loans to its members viz Ordinary Loan, Emergency Loan and Loan against FD.

The Society takes deposits in way of Fixed Deposit, Double Money Scheme, Recurring Deposit, Compulsory Deposit and Optional Deposit.


Managing Committee comprises the President, Vice Presidents, Hony. Secretary, Treasurer and 5 executive members. President, Vice President and members are elected directly by the General Body and other office bearers by the Managing Commitee (MC) from amongst themselves. One term of Managing Committee member (including President) is 3 years. Two posts of the Managing Committee are reserved for ladies. At-least one meeting is held every month to make sure that the Society's work is running smoothly and all the office bearers are doing their duties efficiently.


Any person who is resident of Delhi or working in Delhi can become member of Society. He/She must have completed age of 18. An introducer is needed to become member of the society. Introducer should be member of the society with clean record. He/She has to make an application on prescribed form which also includes a No Objection certificate which is to be signed by concern officer and will be required to deposit the following sum.

Share Money 300/- @ 100 per share
Compulsory Deposit 120/- ( 20/- per month, Six Months advance)
Building Fund 50/-
Member Welfare Scheme 350/-
Optional Deposit 1240/-
Miscellaneous Receipt 40/-
Total 2100/-

NOTE- with the application form the member shall be required to submit a copy of identification proof (e.g. Election Identity Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card or Passport Copy), Pan Card, Income Proof, Office I-D, Two self and one Nominee Passport size photographs and 3 Months Bank Statement (which reflects last 3 months salary).

Office Address

D-90, 1st Floor,
Near Community Centre,
Krishna Market, Lajpat Nagar 1,
New Delhi: 110024

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